Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fans offer hundreds of teenagers Leslie Cheung Hello

Banner: fans will engage birthday at his brother play the video,

Yesterday Leslie Cheung (brother) plastics, to commemorate the late generation of stars, fans yesterday held various memorial activities, a group of fans yesterday afternoon and brother have arrived in Ho Man Tin house layout, and one by one to present flowers to a table of brother Hello. During more Japanese fans made a special trip to Santa and individuals outside the photo; They facilitate the evening gatherings Regal Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Fans pay tribute to Hong Kong around the

At 12 am, fans have arrived in Ho Man Tin brother Kadoorie Hill, the house, apart from the fans, there are more fans from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, flowers dedicated to them one by one brother, then quickly piling flowers outside, the workers will have to move bouquets and gifts the room, full of bouquets However, soon after again. Fans are very effort is needed, in particular spent two months embroidered version of a brother Q Beijing modeling cushions? , Gave Love's brother.

Fans were full activities

As in previous years, his brother Keneth friends, even ip, Suzie Wong, Shu-Fen Chen, Ho Man Tin has arrived home, his close friend and brother spent the day with Holiday during Shu-Fen Chen Fook Lam Moon will be two boxes of food get inside, the Japanese fans have a special presentation of the 1000 paper cranes, she asked my brother gave to the house.

Last night fans especially in the Regal Hotel will be held birthday parties, 300 places have a full field of environmental protection launched bags, bags printed with his brother on the day of birth, "12956", and "I am what I am" (brother song, "I" of a lyrics), to the song as fans occasion.

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