Sunday, September 16, 2007

Li marriage is not false sweetheart

Photo: Nancy dialogue with the children, I feel happy

"Piano Prince" Li book and new album conference held yesterday in a shopping center, lies with the fans at the meeting and signatures. Asked on stage MC daily Piano Recital will spend 10 hours. Li said that not so many, mostly spent five to six hours to practice, in fact, the most important thing is to see that there are real input to the training. Referred to our children and more temptations, he has a child. Li also said that some, a child is sitting uncertain, but since the plays know, it was like.

Athletes who want to do

The Assembly yesterday also arranged for three of the children know how to plays, took office to ask Nancy. Children are asked whether he wanted to have a fine musicians. Li said: "The is not." He is the most McLeish Mozart's songs. Another child asked if he could choose again, he would not learn plays. Li said that should not, because he loves plays. Before he plays table tennis are good Lak, more thought when national athletes.

A third said children often play, but an aversion reach Award, the hope lies exhibitions. Li joked: "As long as it is not brave, in fact, competition does not necessarily want the prize territory is not particularly important, this would be a good point." In addition, recent Chuan Li will be married to his confirmation yesterday, he replied in Cantonese: "but oh. (Female peers Friends?) but oh. "a reporter asked at hand. He just smiled without FOR.

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