Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bi infants argue lumbar opposed Farah sexy costumes

Map: Mr Farah (from left), high-Jun, Ma, LIAO infants, and Cuicui Ye Hao Yang Qi Guan publicity attending drama

Wireless drama "Galloping City" will premiere tomorrow night, a group of actor-attended yesterday's "Galloping City," "City of dance Carnival" campaign. LIAO one child, Steven Chen Farah, high-Jun Ye Cuicui and "pirated Minneapolis gang" Guan Qi Yang Hao put on the costumes, dance performances. Mr Farah was wearing a personal bare the costumes and showmanship big break success'; Fortunately LIAO infants display a final strokes difficult? Lumbar, so that it is of fullness exposed, many regain the limelight.

Mr Farah Sao Venus "

The General Assembly yesterday for a public youth and children will perform Latin dances, followed Ma, LIAO infants, Chen Farah, high-Jun Ye Hao Yang Cuicui and Kwan on the performance of different enjoy gorgeous. Mr Farah has played a limelight get to, because of its very sexy costumes, and high-Jun-after dance, from time to time a "more shear pin" Sao break, and after jumping more net stockings also wear a hole. Instead of Cuicui Guan Hao Yang and dance, the performance of a rather stiff.

LIAO live with the child at the scene and drum rotation. "Pakistan", as Bi-compacting infants clothing, the original rather pale, but display a move? Lumbar movement that successfully recover many scores. Afterwards, Mr Farah said his company is the costumes, before shooting at the posters through, the drama will be a more sexy costumes, television viewers look at it to see. She asked that the costumes were so close, if not to eat. Farah is just the opposite, activities and ate a bowl before because constantly turning to dance, will not eat dizziness. She developed the drama villains, read a few more to make the White Paper, is for her to a new trial. She can do that as "small deeds" role as popular. Later, she exchanges with Roger, Kenneth shoot drama, and asked her fear of scandal Simon Wang Chuan scandal. Farah also hope not, she must show that if each Chuan scandal, is not really know.

Steven always remember dancing moves

LIAO infants Asked why not sexy costumes, she said that the company is probably jump different dance wear different costumes. She said that before and live in Beijing also skip this dance, so pre-concert took just 45 minutes to practice, rehearsal, but not to live hand hit the glasses frame. Ma Chai explained as long-term capital with contact lenses over 24 hours, the doctor advised him not to wear such a long time, so he is wearing glasses yesterday, he also intends to do laser surgeries on surgery. He added that the drama shoot, often remembered moves, sometimes in the company canteen also jumped two, he joked: "I hope other people see me, not that I had epilepsy."

In addition, Mr Cuicui spent two hours before practice, the reporter that she dresses sexy enough, that the costumes are also Cuicui company, she feels every person has its own strengths.

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