Sunday, September 09, 2007

Grandma said Stephy is boys goddess

Banner: Le Tsai (right) and Stephy affectionately in a new movie theater, but no sparks

The film "Love mass graves" were held last night feast, director Peng actor in a drama and Grandma,'s (Stephy), and the new boss YU Rong Rong Lin Ming also present. Peng Yan, director mysterious gift to send the three actors, Stephy received pills, YU Rong Rong was awarded a ring, but A Le received a large box is real worm. Expect more music for the A - Pest side will Stephy, did she immediately fled screaming.

A Music in the original movie in the field Carnivorous drama, drama him tin girlfriend YU Rong Rong's body, dead insects to crawl into his mouth, very nausea. A music drama is not denying the filming of the most nausea once before he was taken have some fear, but because filmed eight, nine take, no feeling. Asked Aberdeen worms taste, Le said A out to be an import, not to bite off, he said with a smile later Aberdeen and insects also done a good friend. However, he feels that it is difficult to show the face of his girlfriend is suffering from an incurable disease, but there is another woman. He had asked to fall in love with two women tried. Before that he tried to visit his girlfriend and emotional problems arise because at that time they had a friend who gave him a good comfortable feeling, but he soon draw the line, not even after the trip, because there is no time for dating.

This cooperation with Stephy, A Le praised each other is good concepts, but also the eyes of many boys goddess. But he thinks the other is the goddess. He admitted also liked the pure expression, but not this type, he feels that the most important feeling. A recently-disclosed in Sohu Open Blog, began three hours have 500,000 people visit, Chuan Zhang Ziyi from the stalls Sohu Open Blog by 1 million payment, A Le do not know this, but he is also a blog to self-publicity, he would later spend a few million to open a personal blog, but He stressed that telecommunications will not release close on the blog.

Stephy that is the A-men

Stephy candor good draw insects, carnivorous Fortunately she is not shoot the actor. She plays my cancer patients, including a skinhead style, each wearing hoods to spend a good long time, more sensitive and blisters at the end to see doctors swelling. Another show is open to the refrigerator because, inadvertently frustrated glass, spot bleeding, her blood has been frightened, scared all the time.

A Zambian music for her killer boys, as many of the boys in mind goddess. She said with a smile that is so exaggerated, she also feel that they are not suitable for A-, because the other side has not boys, is a male. A music and her plays have in the field kissing show, she invested less than candor, because the plot stresses she is sick, she often to take their own-like disease.

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