Monday, September 10, 2007

New Silk Road Model Contest Beauty Poly Sanya

The "New Silk Road" Chinese model contest the finals of the ladies have gathered rostrum, Sanya City of Hainan Province, 60 shortlisted models "airborne" Yalongwan villa on the 5th District. Villas in Bali-style villa design and Intel Centrino technology into laptops become public model "green leaves."

Reporters at the scene saw the shooting, models to youth recreation, swimwear, dressed in professional assumed before the camera and smiling posture, holding a small notebook models are somewhat unaccustomed, in the first year of competition a player told reporters: "Competition in many models, such as the new Silk Road rare kind demanding Good morning, we also conducted specialized training, I was very nervous but I was the first notebook with props when filming, because the book compared Shen, so posture is not a good master. "

It was learned that this "new Silk Road" model contest is the largest number ever nominated year, in addition to conventional Division's outstanding player, but also the first time a network division. According to the "new Silk Road" on the organizing committee, the network division is slightly lower than the other shortlisted models Division models, but the media attention has high heat. In the "New Silk Road" activities Cui teacher for many years, said that this year's largest, conditions are better than in previous years, the competition is very fierce, on the other hand, the new network for the Division Series outcome set up more suspense.

In fact, the technology element to the contest as a highlight, one is the "new Silk Road" will continue to develop innovative results, and other closely related to the contestants. According to reports, this year's model has nominated diversified style. Not only have the nominated player is the lowest ever, the sources of regional players than in previous years have been greatly expanded, including the Chinese athletes in North America, central and western regions of the previous few players, and Hainan two local players. More importantly, the 60 contestants for the majority of the secondary school students, including a master's graduate students, the overall educational level of a previous most.

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