Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black boy tent dressing rooms broken rumors

Banner: boy by the Nanjing fans melt

Andy Lau last night completed in the fourth concert tour in Nanjing yesterday and flew to the fifth station Changshu breast. Boy held in Nanjing last night concert, the scene of tens of thousands of seats, the auditorium, opening the left side of the main entrance after fans to break even, at least ran nearly 5,000 people admitted to see Huang Sao Pa.

Fortunately, the mood

For mainland reported that the boy went to Nanjing to sing, not putting rehearsal, demanding that the boy all these false rumors ignored, but he wrote in his online diary above views. "Also feeling okay? The earth is filled with many different kinds of tempering, we have to know how to face ... they hear that, because not all, there are some deviations, no big deal ... as I know you worry that the mood be affected. Right! Before Council. not now has. I have seen through, as well as his uncle ANDOX like 'I play a total land space'. "Tsai added that fans voice, so fans like to say a few words. "Blame them, not to Nanjing offensive, it not clear yesterday at the scene, numerous stealth in the wings for me guarding, Nanjing with other family, angels are everywhere. Because I like stars in the sky as many families do I angel backing, I have the ability to easily face all bad. "

Not the slightest bit of luxury

A boy in his diary release concert in Nanjing background pictures, the so-called Liu natural background of a special request the "luxury" dressing rooms, but a rotten tent, the slightest luxury of it, rumor has collapsed. Asked boy, innocent have angry boy in long-distance telephone, he said: "No ah! We all know that is not true, I believe that local journalists may also scanty being misled! Nanjing media good to me, after the end of the concert, I see, are major version I praise the version of the concert was very successful, very pretty, but the concert audience enthusiasm, I have also unforgettable. "

Very warm fans

Nanjing enthusiasm, the boy from the plane had a taste of the airport after the plane, the boy sitting saloon cars, has been kept by the Nanjing newspaper interview. Another lot more fans from morning to night in the hotel downstairs to see banners boy Rafah, close to the hotel security. Rehearsal and concert venues were also some 100 fans scored once cut short. Later, that the security situation in the General Assembly, made a hasty approach hour rehearsals. Evening performances of the first fans to see enthusiasm, the boy surprised. Afterward, he smiled: "I sing side, the side that many people into mountains above, the stage on both sides suddenly filled with the audience, whether the audience is how I approach, I just worry about their security insecurity, I do own performances, I hope every one of the people happy." The five field concert down boy to dance non-stop sweat, a lot of thin. Tsai said he no longer has a diet called fans need not worry.

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