Monday, September 17, 2007

Mr Alex Fong Fu water who attracted rumors

Photo: Mr Alex Fong who cooperate with the rise after rumors

"To Taiwan," held yesterday, promote environmental awareness activities, Mr Alex Fong (Alex), Playboy (Yumiko), Beach infants, Commissioner Wilson attended support activities.

Moderator whose activities asked a small affair with his girlfriend flick film "boyfriend", is not to save America has heroes. Small wonder the moderator will ask such a question, so he ended its its mouth, and the answers do so. Days after a small mouth its not its own, hence he always considered the Bright. A small, Foshan Battalion to shoot pool play, the actor when he does, he would swim in the next physical, the way to see what needs help. Because the water who wear clothes, good clothes wet after heavy, he only help a Rotary Rotary, no accidents. He cooked their own water, it is his presence, and if things happen can also help. He has helped who do artificial respiration. A small smile, no drama, the plays for the time being, does not disclose.

Many singers to respond with the theme of environmental protection, wearing old clothes to attend. Yumiko birthday will be held earlier, the one-night guests, Eason Chan, because his wife to see her daughter Ying scandal Marcus emergence of stringed fire leave. Yumiko to verify the matter, Yumiko, Marcus is our friend, often eat together singing. The other side was invited to attend, not the same with the A Xu, it is reported for the. Eason Chan night whether leave in a huff. Yumiko denied this matter, but asked whether Eason Chan and Marcus familiar. She also said not to answer.

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