Sunday, September 16, 2007

Joey Yung since Jie Shao met with fans

Banner: songs, and performers will support District Council elections

Joey Yung, Yiu respectively to the district boards "election ambassador", and "2007 District Council elections, at the opening of" guest, as the Ambassador said that they will lead by example, to support voting. Domingo recently active participation in public affairs, and representatives of the earlier artists at the West Kowloon constituency development advisory meeting, he said that as a singer has made the voice of the plan is available now basically good, the future held concert singer, wearing more than AWE choice.

Renowned stolen video

Songs Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung last night at Lucas infants love the Full Moon liquor, she was less than prepared gifts, but the closure is to facilitate BB. She was referring BB very heavy hand, there should be more than 10 pounds. She felt that BB is a full 10 Tse. In addition, unlike the recent scandal ever female assistant downtown, she asked know this. She said the best thing asked of these parties, inconvenience answer. In fact, they are often not met. Before the two joined musical Renowned stolen video, songs that unclear, but estimates someone stole video, as a 40-room crowded, sweat smoked days, I must fenestration.

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