Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blaze missed the premiere of the invitation to attend Columbia

Banner: Ang Lee (middle) and the CD-Tang (left) at the airport by public acclamation welcome

Directed by Ang Lee of "color. Quit "reputation Venice Film Festival, won the highest honor the Golden Lion Award. The film will be held in Hong Kong this evening the opening ceremony, Tang Wei Lee and actress last night arrivals publicity, and will attend tonight in Central held the opening ceremony. Lee and Wei Tang, 7:00 last night and more arrived from Singapore, 50 in the media long waiting hall at the airport, when Lee walked out, many onlookers Times that passers-by to warm applause. The film company also sent security escort, which will have six security result in a "human chain" and pave the way for Lee to prevent chaos.

Weight different version of the Mainland

"Color. Quit "in Hong Kong will be full release version, but the version prior to excise-half hours, only recently-shear six, seven minutes more than painting. Lee denied on the matter, he said that the film had been so long, in fact, the real cut six, seven minutes it may read the news, that they cut half an hour. As for the actor cut most of residence and the only soup on the bed and movie actor killings. Because I hope that this film can be adults and children can all see that he lives in the Venice Film Festival version well before the cut, he is satisfied with the mainland version. He feels that the development of the plot has not changed, but not the same weight.

The film has overrun six million dollars by him to pay. Ang Lee is recognized advances, but not so many, the only pay two million dollars. He asked to withdraw now. He said the film has not been released, has not been recovered. Actor filming in the mainland because of "Chibi" and therefore unable to attend tonight's opening ceremony, will he regret that. Ang Lee movie that is very important to show residence in the role of actor are good and important. Before the blaze have said to leave to attend the premiere, but he need not feel that, and he personally invited to watch the premiere Chow Yun-fat. As for cooperation with the Colombian again, he looks forward to a good, but look at scheme. Ming Lam said Hong Kong cinema operators in some stalls during the Mid-Autumn Festival screenings on "Color. Ring, "starring Aaron Kwok to" C + Detective "shows for reduced, Lee said clearly, he also told reporters that he would not" color. Quit "In how many of the theatrical release.

Tang said that not only starred in ads

Tang Chuan only because "color. Quit "or a value-Biao, from 50,000 to shoot a series of ads 1.5 million. Tang Wei said he has never starred advertising. Mentioned blaze drama on the bed, she will embarrassed. She said no, we have good professionals, good for her. That is because she has fallen in love with the input residence with their boyfriend breaking up. Tang said he has only 28 years old, these phenomena (scorer) normal good, but now everybody is still friends, the other side also to support her before you is a very good relationship. Asked whether she really breaking up. She expressed the hope that everyone will focus on the movie. Tang Wei acting skills much appreciated, she said with a smile also thought so many people like the film, we all spent a lot of effort to do hearts. The second accused is Zhang Ziyi, she hopes to learn each other's achievements, but to what comes naturally, as a world look really not easy. She asked to go to Western films. Tang said only to what comes naturally, she is good to go good role.

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