Sunday, September 23, 2007

A KNACK rate that the PLA will foot the Mid-Autumn

Banner: A KNACK Although retired, but the game remains the standard

A KNACK and Hiromi yesterday attended our activities. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, A KNACK asked how will it. He said the annual football star, will play soccer with the PLO. But he laughed that year's team will lose, I hope they will not drinking too many moon cakes this year, so many fresh eggs. A KNACK also said that although he is a retreat easements player, but still good game. Asked about his lost. A KNACK said one of the other soldiers, to a 1-1 draw.

A KNACK also miserable for the PLA, he said: "The storm of the decade were not played out, and hope that this year they can play out, when British sailors are playing this out, the best we can out of the moon cakes fresh people on two reunited, happy."

Oshima denied Sa-A

Search the scene yesterday performances, she asked gratuity. But she said they did not know, it should be beneficial Yes. Asked whether she Lak because something brought to them earn extra money and Colombia. Her recipe also can not say, as high-hao is also at the scene yesterday. In addition, recent reports that her hair and smiles are copied Em, Oshima stressed that he has his own style, but it seems a little hair, she feels it is biased, she did not unhappy.

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