Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shumengdui load of the global ice-breaking trip

Banner: Shumengdui new post, will have to shoulder global ice-breaking trip

Metro entertainment Taiwan personnel changes for the current two-and the Yen Tsai Chin-hui, the former posts unchanged, the latter from Metro entertainment programming director was transferred to Taiwan for the Metro project development manager. The incumbent president of the Metro Limited Shumengdui, promoted to the Metro Entertainment Taiwan and Taiwan-by October 1 post, a third to the top position in Taiwan entertainment figures.

Because the office has no plans

Shumengdui Although not officially take office, but has started to pay homework, and next Monday will be the world top Huangjianchao (Duncan) meeting to discuss the global balance Metro block approach. Shumengdui: "Although private and Eason Chan also good friends, but even at this stage that Eason Chan concert tickets are not set, will be prepared in addition to his gift to a mysterious (Huangjianchao), but also about high-level global food, in short, I will be with the global ice-breaking trip, and even hoped to invite Eason Chan visit the Metro. "In order to repair bilateral relations, Zhu Ming Yue said even if he is willing to kneel glass. For the Wu Yan reported "down" is the main cause of global events and significant loss of advertising clients, Shumengdui only that each have different management approach and philosophy, in order to encourage the morale of staff, will have a series of plans for implementation.

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