Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boy: feelings experienced are not in vain

Banner: boy with open arms to meet any challenge

Andy Lau Switzerland for three consecutive years as Sima Table (Cyma) spokesman, and will launch new advertising autumn. A new series of advertisements boy right through real life experience and understanding to explain watches "have not experienced know how" brand concept.

Tsai said: "There are many things that really have to personally experienced only understand the underlying meaning. As I, as an artist, constantly trying to make in many areas, they have also done a lot of other people that deserve appreciation of things, but if the audience does not feel or experience, then all efforts and the pay is futile. "

In another ad, a boy wearing automatic watch, open arms, and proudly look up to the sky, an eagle standing YOU Ru peak abovementioned, the Proton, is even oncoming journalist, he is still Ziruo expression, a look of a fearless nature. The advertising theme: "through storms before life without fear of darkness and light." Tsai also said: "The life of each stage are filled with different challenges, and gains and losses inevitable. But I firmly believe that sunny days than cloudy day, the sun may sometimes be obscured in the dark clouds, but it will always there waiting for us; Similarly Only after storms calendar, we will only have one more - Liang life. "

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