Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ms Nancy Sit despair has severed diplomatic relations with ex-husband

Photo: Ms Nancy Sit right ex-husband has no feeling

A magazine reported yesterday that the former Ms Nancy Sit back and videotaping their children to meet with the situation, referring to family vacation compound. Yesterday's vacation home appeared TVB City, said yesterday she had received many calls of concern friend that returning to live in her husband live. She clarified absolutely no issue, the other side is in Hong Kong only. Family learns that her ex-husband might know his son and the woman recently returned from Hong Kong, and women will be fine to study abroad, they take their children - in Hong Kong, agreed to meet together meals may therefore be tracking the paparazzi.

Better not

Family learns that her ex-husband is happy to meet with the children, their parents want to have their children in care. The past year of her former husband and their children will see one or two. Asked about her husband also asked to meet with her. Vacation homes that have been mentioned, but since we have not seen-topic, it is better not good. She laughs: "My precious good time, I do not McLeish quietly speechless."

Apologies are useless

Accused ex-husband refused and a composite of a family vacation that thought, she is the ideal recipe high, because people will change with the environment. That can be less demanding, but now is different, people should have the ideal. However, before the daughter asked her father to be together and when she smiled FOR daughter: "You what" It is striking daughter said: "Certainly not the." Family learns that his daughter might know then she was like lovers, and her husband three years, they will understand. If the ex-husband of her apology, she would accept. Hometown Channel: "has been of no use, and also do not expect him, when he is owed Lives."

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