Friday, September 07, 2007

Boy songs help carry the Olympic disabled athletes

Andy Lau completion of the world tour, Nanning, a station, last night flew to Beijing yesterday in the "Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games countdown show an anniversary celebration," and to disabled athletes at the Olympic Games open concert song, "Everyone Is No.1." Tsai has just completed the second Nanning performances, he said that the first night of Nanning, has been under a heavy rain, the concert scene because of heavy flooding in the ankle. The next day rehearsals have been under a heavy rain, had to cancel that performance, the results of his good God, at the three-hour performance, a drop of rain nor under. Boy in power continuously thank God numerous times. As for Jacky Cheung throat problems, breast to stop two, the boy said that he also read the news that the media on his behalf Xueyou greetings and wished him good health will not encounter problems.

Gifts have justified a sound Xueyou

Tsai said that on his breast, hanging jump Chinese dance, "Wei Ye" part of the roof due to perform, we need a lot of shouting, staff has been constantly reminded him not too hard G, so he followed aphonia affect performance, Tsai said: "When the great singer pressure, I understand the feelings Xueyou, in fact, I have a medicine to be a doctor to help me to come back from abroad, said foreign singers for the opening of Sound, 10000 10000 Ling test, so far, I have not tried, but who bring Pong, if Xueyou need can contact me, and I find his people to give it a try. "

Tsai yesterday by the telecommunications companies involved in a news conference held to announce that "Everyone Is No.1" This song will be downloaded free of charge to telecommunications users that each individual Olympic meet together. The General Assembly also invited many representatives of the disabled athletes to attend, at the pro-boy athletes encouraged to cheer, with their signature shoot photographs occasion, and he sent each athlete's song CD single, to give them spiritual support. Then the boy immediately Chang'an Street at the Millennium Monument countdown rehearsals for performances, the General Assembly has arranged dozens of wheelchairs, disabled boy together with the singing and dancing performances, disabled people for his dancing, which is a more artistic masters wheelchair, wheelchair with one hand up the boy placed Alexander, Tsai also surprised ..

Meaningful activities are not afraid of tiring

The tour is in the boy, particularly for the disabled participate in the Olympic Games came to Beijing performances, performances last night after the boy that fly Ningbo, a little boy is tired, but he said: "It does not matter, the meaningful activities, I energetic, handicapped athletes who see this like happy, I am very happy. "

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