Friday, September 07, 2007

New Lynn has a sister YANG Cheng Li shake Love

YANG Cheng-lin (Rainie) held in Taipei yesterday "arbitrary door" of the Asia-conference, in addition to an interview with Asian media scene, many friends in the circle, such as Jun He Xiang Zhi - Xiang Luo have sent flowers and congratulations. At more a "successor new one sister," part of the coronation, making Rainie announced "a new Sony BMG Aunt" and sent crystal crown and scepter for Rainie coronation. Record companies also announced that the days of this new super program, first is not its record budget ceiling, the second is the holding of the Asian Tour ticket concert, the third of her dance school education will be the United States, North Korea goal of all days!

Always follow the route song lyric Rainie, the challenge wholeheartedly Love "dance after the" throne, in the interpretation of the scene, "rejection Dance", performing difficult moves before somersault 360 degrees twice, the original eight years she has no obstacles, its own feet in length, she is also becoming more and more serious, a few between the edge to see bonesetter edge dance, in order to absorb more everyday sleep well, and yesterday's press conference after she should immediately see a doctor.

Tour not afraid of songs

A rumor that Love was held yesterday, the premiere film music, but suddenly decided early Monday, and avoid Rainie positive signs, Rainie: "Everyone has their own style, no one can replace anyone, as in dance, Love made many efforts, as we all see, This is the most I appreciate her place. "The closure was" a sister "title, not when Rainie said, is not accustomed to other people doing" a sister "companies also do not want the publicity staff call her, just want to do their own, the immediate recording market downturn that more people are buying records, more people heard her songs so that we meet. As for the record companies are planning meeting for her concert tour, a stop is Hong Kong, Rainie said, had so far only three albums, not fear their songs concert, I have to quickly re-record the next one.

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