Friday, September 28, 2007

Candidate Asian sister of 16-year-old Mei Xiang full of confidence

Map: US-Japan representative of the youngest greatest confidence

The current "Miss Asia" Beauty seven overseas, from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Uzbekistan, India and Vietnam. Yesterday's General Assembly met for seven overseas Beauty Hong Kong media, including representatives of the US-Japan-US-Japan is a mix of this year only 16 years old; As the representative of Singapore Eva. Luoshalan its sister Confirms election last year have been Asian sister.

India Beauty virtually limitless

Seven Beauty yesterday evening gowns to show people, and when they introduce themselves in Cantonese, many people pronunciation unjust, as Mei Xiang of "students of Goose" repeat twice. Wai and the fullness of Korea, India and Singapore representatives, the media focus on easily. The representative of India charity. Ou-chest was found that many hesperidin stripes, she explained afterwards because of obesity. He asked her to feel superior build. She said with a smile to comment on the audience should be, she stressed that he is genuine wood is expected, will not in itself a violation of natural. As a Hindu, she asked whether their religion does not allow his followers to show swimsuit. She said with a smile as a reason not to be banned, so participants can wear swimsuit pageant.

Singapore representatives were encouraged to sister

The 16-year-old son Mei Xiang specifically to the school to leave the contest, she said a young age, she said that last year, Asian champion Shevchenko sister is 16-year-old elected, it is of its very confident. As for Eva. Luoshalan Confirms favor of the election last year of Aunts, this year she is to be encouraged to participate in the tour. Asked whether she revenge for the tour. She smiled: "I only hope that the lessons learned and knowledge of more people." Cui Xi Korea representative of the original television variety show host, the South Korean cosmetic rife that she would not want to deny the opportunity facelift.

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