Friday, September 28, 2007

"Samsara" box-office had good news from a residence value

Banner: "Samsara" box-office had good news from a residence value, Ang Lee (left) is charged drink Cup

Directed by Ang Lee of "color, warning" the international reputation earlier won the highest honor the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award, plus soup and the only actor in the drama of intense affectionate drama as a propaganda focus of the films in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the exhibition, all made good box office results, it appears that the blaze breakthrough Naked performance is definitely worth a disclosure.

The record-breaking opening painting

"Color, warning" the day before the official release in Hong Kong, together with the two priorities of the night market, a total of 3.66 million at the box office, immediately became the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the box office champion stalls, but also create history since September highest opening box office records paintings. As for the box office in Taiwan is quite satisfactory, "color ring" in Taiwan on September 24 exhibition, a three-day exhibition 35 million NT box office; On the Taipei area alone, three received 17 million box office.

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