Thursday, September 27, 2007

Exports appear whirlwind onslaught of shopping malls into battlefield

Banner: taxes appear six of small-yu (from left), Prince William, A-wai, and Ao Jie dogs first arrivals publicity, the fans were intimidated

Taiwan exports popular combinations appear yesterday to attend the apm in Kwun Tong at the "earliest Hall" going 11-2 terrible, "Garner," will appear six of the earliest arrivals whirlwind four days to attend various publicity activities. Exports appear fans was very crazy.

Yesterday exports of tennis for six appear to Hong Kong, airport concourses have been waiting for over a hundred fans. When the six-arise, the immediate emotional frenzied fans in the chase, even more fans are lost shoes. After attending six of the arcades on the nerve, the whole seventh floor crowded shopping mall, estimated to have more than 1,000 people, the final underground shops charged more gates to avoid confusion. The General Assembly yesterday distributed 200 chips, the fans in the first 3:30 malls have to queue up, hope to see idol style.

Frenzied fans pushed rotten railings

The performance of frenzied fans, and constantly climbing hoarding salt and move forward, even iron railings are almost pushed down, although the shopping center were double the normal number of security personnel, but still inadequate, we saw the security fence by pushing live with a bucket of many fans. When the six-out, fans screaming deafening during Masters also urged calm fans back three steps, otherwise they will be interrupted activities.

Exports sing new songs appear yesterday, it is also playing games with fans, a rare female fans close contact with the idols, the opportunity loss idol's face, hands and hugged. Fans audience but also because it failed to obtain signatures and presented as sharp cries, and some combination of performances in Shanghai Baby Monkiz woman is rather pathetic, when power performance, defined fans jeering at the scene. Fans yesterday nerve, which can only take six members of a person's signature, with the members of the "Prince" most popular. Exports appear yesterday received a large number of fans sent gifts, they promised gifts will be brought back to Taiwan.

This is the first offering of offering appear to Hong Kong for the fans so enthusiastic, they were not intimidated by denying that Hong Kong fans more frenzied than Taiwan. Referring to the fans adventure climb hoardings taxes appear very worried about the past activities held in Taiwan, will be on the ground in the election, to reduce the occurrence of accidents. Similarly in Hong Kong has a large number of fans in Taiwan in the flywheel portfolio in Hong Kong today, accusing them of the flywheel snatched many fans. That did not appear on the zone. They also want to recognize that more fans, but they are not to get other people's fans, earned more appear that the sea is the flywheel predecessors, many places to learn from them.

Activities after the garbage Montreal

Activities, shopping malls Although security escort arrangements, but because of the large number of fans have been holding along the route are still unable to leave. And after EMI senior Lopez also said that some members were injured, the manager earned appear immediately to the background of Rafah. Later became aware of the "Prince" fans pull off a shirt, not a problem. After security escorted to a human wall of six, but the situation is equally confusing, even to Introduce Black railings, some fans careless fall. When 6-left at the scene after Dakuanzhang like the same, only Montreal garbage.

Exports appear last night, television City in Tseung Kwan O, "with hits" video programs, the audience will ever take the bus arrived for wireless television City; But last night there are 30 taxes appear to the fans traveling to a television city, and presented "with golden" ticket to admission, but outside the capital the discovery is a fake tickets, call the police, this last class taxes have failed to appear Admission to the fans. "With songs," producer PAN Yu-jia said each set of tickets will be printed on the date, the security personnel found to produce the tickets had been amended date, he has not said before in a similar incident occurred, some that these tickets by charging Taiwan outflow, he said that Taiwan should regard to the charges inquiries, but He did not know whether the earliest classes fans appear fans, and last night the number of viewers remain.

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