Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chen Yue Yao probably experienced sexual harassment online

Banner: Le Chen Yao (from left), Shi Yong Li, ZHEN Alexandra attended event attracted many shoot the scene Friends

Twining yesterday with the "facelift" Freeze the combination ZHEN Shan, Li Shi Yong Chen Qi Yue Yao at the "Organic Farm Fun Day" activities, and 24,000 of children to grow crops, teach children to understand the benefits of organic crops. However, the public face of a child, dressed sexy Freeze still attract a large number of "beat" Friends of the scene.

ZHEN Alexandra this dress has more dense, unlike in the past, as sexy. She said that before that many children participate in, so they dress dense 1:00. Yao Yue Chen told reporters recently blew herself up in the blogs have received many messages of sexual harassment, some e-mail content is said to her "rape." She does not deny a little scared, but I think more are joking nature. Because the messages were later said to October 4 inches friends attended the concert Freeze, a fun person gets raped her.

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