Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eason Chan Cheng finalized no cooperation

Banner: Eason Chan fans play on his sick Fla.

Eason Chan Sha Tin last night to attend the Sports Festival held special programs ", Sha Tin Man Yue home", attended yesterday's "brother" campaign.

Eason recently busy with preparations for the concert, but he will also publicity for the film, he will probably have to other parts of publicity, other work will be temporarily stopped, hoping to support a good voice. He said such support their fans, because if too much time to other work on the concert performances, will live up to a group of fans. Whether the market further, he said that time slot also hope that this would stop the speculation flying conditions. He recently collected and Renowned busy, and will try to speak less dependent sound.

Jacky Cheung mentioned by speculation Filipino domestic helpers were blacklisted in the Philippines Consulate, he said that their homes have requested the Filipino domestic helpers. He said of this incident, that this is an issue worth studying. He said Filipino maids in the home when born to the daughter, for several years. He believed in these things, they may be too demanding, or the poor quality of Filipino domestic helpers, two ways to look at. However, he said that is not their own customs, as people only know that these things will happen.

Before he and Cheng Chuan (Sammi) will be closely collaborated Jordan directed film, he said that has not yet implemented, to the receipt of the script before deciding, it is not yet disclosed. He temporarily and Sammi has not had contact. About Sammi emotional center, that Eason not thought about this issue.

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