Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Eason Chan Night Di Weird City Rock Park

Banner: Eason dressed in black, shock inadequate, more than jokes

Eason Chan (Eason) last night to the mysterious black shape of the Hong Kong Disneyland "Luminous wall Life" became the first Disney theme park in Hong Kong in Parade performance artistes, at the Eason deliberately make different tricky week of the car took a lot of facial expressions, stretch Lei and Iraqis, do very involved.

Eason "black-chen" modeling, Disney appeared to hold a series of publicity Park Halloween activities. During his arrangements get "Weird City Night" floats, the parade four meetings with park visitors, including fans recognize Eason, they shouted screamed, some foreign tourists also waved with Eason.

Jack is super fans

Eason always liked Jack, can be called Super Jack fan, "Weird City Nights" is his favorite. Although he only performed on 30 minutes, but the day before the park has been particularly into rehearsals, the initial boarding Paradise Parade, he admitted it is difficult for that life may not have a chance, so he treasure. Eason said with a smile, this Disney is bold, he has to find the person performing epilepsy. During the parade, he followed all hue, causing sore throat. Eason went to the park, "Main Street tricky Hotel," when the actor on the hotel said: "I was inside the block, the next your turn ..." Eason bubble to say to them: "things!"

Black modeling '

Asked whether Eason with daughter Kang embankment to play Paradise. He said laughingly, that she need not have, the female will know when they walk past. He refers to a form that is' black, asked him whether this modeling debut next month at the breast. Eason that, in fact, has tried to breast last year, said with a smile last pendulum Ravens in the head, the bat that day alone, perhaps next release will head carriage.

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