Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cheng Hsin evidence of a normal Etchells etc.

Banner: Block said Etchells health gradually improved, we hope to continue to support

Earlier Etchells Chendianxia be photographed because of their limbs diabetes, got swollen, with the toes of even more serious. Cheng Hsin yesterday with the follow-Qi Zhang Yushan and volunteers appear cultivation, Kwun Tong-a home for the elderly and the elderly-the Mid-Autumn Festival. For the Etchells feet, Block Mummy fact that not so serious, and the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, in particular Etchells has not quit I have to eat moon cakes should be a small section.

Zhangyushan bring along with them Heights, and Qi-company volunteers to visit the elderly. Zhangyushan prepared cream cakes in 1000, planned to distribute several homes yesterday is the first home. Zhangyushan past, the company has its own brand of self-cakes, but this year to shooting Wireless charges's programs "Beautiful University" and therefore miss time with the elderly or the traditional love to eat moon cakes, we have to send the cream cakes.

Some eat moon cakes

Block charged with the power play and the elderly were spreading. She asked how Etchells and the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. She said that will be similar aunt and family meals, but there are no unknown about the Mummy friends. Etchells now I need to quit. Block refers only Mummy quit crabs and shrimp, no other special warning mouth. Etchells cakes have color. Block laughed: "Without color, there are some fresh cakes." The magazine photographed Etchells feet are swollen, Block said: "Millions beat out!" She felt that the photo angles. Etchells on the toes as a solution, immediately turning Block said: "She's OK." She said that since the Mummy after she gave birth, suffering from diabetes, breast cancer is have some feet, she added another road, but usually more rest at home; But she beat out that the phase scary.

Liver function improves

This infuriated Etchells there. Block that Mummy had not see those reports, she did not let her, but might also have asked relatives to call. Block reiterated Mummy is not a problem, the doctors have to go to bed when she lives feet, and more joint activities, it would not dream too hard. Asked to Block has been intimidated by the magazine's photos. Guessing that she is, she will understand that that is an exaggeration, some people will see.

Of course, that was before the regular Mummy critical condition, the Chinese people will not like to hear these words, but she understood that journalists do not know, of course there will be lots of speculation. Block said Mummy regular check liver function and blood pressure, doctors said recently responded well, she hoped that we continue to support the Mummy. The Mid-Autumn Festival and will be spent in the hospital. Block immediately said: "Touch wood, our meals at home together." Though the concert held last night, but that Mummy Heights not sit too long, we should not praise, and she recently was busy bars and dance school. Block also said that Mummy is now woven sweater leisure-time at home, prior to the texture of the beige scarf to her, and she would use to base more.

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