Saturday, September 22, 2007

When the boyfriend was there as space progress

Banner: A claim She has ordered windfall

Boyfriend, Mengjiahui (Yoyo), Westminster, underwear and physically, yesterday attended wireless drama "Forensic Heroes 2" opened plants worship ceremony, during which produced many artistes to survive each LOTTO a handy profit, but it has been in the night before jackpot, which is a bit .

They dare not buy

She goes LOTTO not a word, but she had tried to buy with our colleagues in the folder, and agreed at more than 8,000 yuan, but they will not dare to buy in order to avoid the paparazzi photographed after a large article also refers to her greedy Black gambling. Asked her own life could fortune. She said: "have some, once tried to Genting stage, the first slot machines Rafah has won a few million left immediately after the course!" Referring to the magazine refers to wireless female artistes, she's earning capacity was LIAO infants beat finished second in the A She smiled: "I so thin, she also pressure I ? But she was really good. (done as whether to make more money?) is fare increase because the artist is seafood prices, in fact, the past few years I did a good income satisfaction is a return, but there is still a big step in space, can buy a large wallet or safe. "-- this year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, A She should start its own estimate, she said: "started well, if more people are shooting field mouth, we can buy things at a party celebrating the video works!"

Yoyo Mid-Autumn starts

Yoyo asked whether people on the Mid-Autumn Festival two round. She said: "good chance to start, (not with the elders to eat?) To accommodate older sister this year, only to recover, eat, (her boyfriend wanted to be there to eat?) No! (That may have gifts?) Gifts to the Mid-Autumn Festival? No! "Even if the reporter does not mean the cakes have to take at least send the market for fruits, she said that just to see Lin Feng brought a return to the market for fruits colleagues eat, the whole basket of Japan is expensive fruit such as raisins, Jufeng, she smiled: "I also buy Static Kong Melon sent their families." She reporters that the sky is a so soon. She "scared" of a once taken aback for a moment, then: "Needless to buy start, the HHS started." He asked her and her boyfriend spent years of the Mid-Autumn Festival, she said I hurry, "the second" and later: "How much I aged a few years on!"

In addition, inquiries were injured earlier films, still insisted yesterday crutches, he laughs: "is still recovering, may grow old, has been added to Yu Yu to start, slow recovery."

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