Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chia-Infants: facelift to risk refusing copycat

Banner: Chia-child will go to Moscow to promote Hong Kong characteristics

Fresh Meyer champion Chia-Infants should be invited to the TDC, on the 23rd of this month will be visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg, the local authorities organized the first major exhibition of Hong Kong products and preview will be held from September 26 to attend the "Hong Kong Fashion Night", will stay on the 5th.

To promote Hong Kong to Moscow

First to Moscow Stoker children, described the current mood is tense and expectations, will also be produced in Hong Kong wearing apparel and cheongsams, and yesterday she is clothing worn by the famous fashion designer from the local HE Zheng design; Apart from promoting the products of Hong Kong, she will also promote Hong Kong as a food paradise. Wang Xian Zhi on the explosion of wireless requirements artistes facelift, has been criticized for "the ugliest Beauty" Stoker believe that the company will not ask the child artists facelift, which she will accept facelift. She said that if the facelift should she choose to accept vision correction, because she has 600 degrees of myopia. Ask her to choose one physical location facelift, which will choose sites. She only seriously thinking: "Suspension is not cosmetic, but not resist, but there is always the risk cosmetic, skin and body bits parents, I would not do with the trend."

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