Thursday, September 13, 2007

Zhiwei - participating for the shoot was director swindled

Banner: Zhiwei said with a smile before being deceived career directing the film

Sun film "fans" and the director Zhang Bai with a main actor Eric Tsang, her (Karen) and Church conference held in Chongqing, met with the media to drum up enthusiasm, attracting a large number of mainland media coverage. A conference began, Eric Tsang will play its bubble character, a laugh: "I was director swindled! Because I can always hope Church, the director arranged for her my wife and I will give me some - and I have her my secret lover. I thought that with two large beauty -- Shall I shoot, anything-money or not it does not matter, beauty enough, it is just the Church - But, in the bed of my photos into conversation, even hand are not met, gave me! "

Wearing her sexy

With her new-Tan in the movie in a specious Siblings Love, Karen respect not because of their age gap and difficult to input, but also joked: "I Yan both thin ring of fat, the old tender anyone can fall in love with, not more difficult. However, the reality if everyone I love, I will board up. "

After the press conference, everyone is shooting in which a taxi driver Eric Tsang described Karen drove to work, two more in the side, stop. Many people at the scene revealed that the two films, exciting performance. Karen saw off his jacket, revealing sexy clothing, also could not help cheering, shooting repeatedly NG. Poor Karen wear thin clothes in the cold wind, drizzle under. Karen buried not in place, they put on jackets, avoid being everybody attention with her ultra-mini skirts She also unable to move.

Zhao Zhiwei district in Chongqing has been stormy weather are very good, but just the last few days have encountered shooting "Autumn Rainfall" rain on the first day also happens to be the group Tsang day so that we do Zhiwei is a favorite. Like shooting the same day, the moon is already full night, a Columbia Zhiwei to the scene, began to rain, it seems that resulting from strokes and rain it.

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