Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ice chest robbers fled with the Valley embarrassment

Photo: Ice (right), and small-thoracic Roberts movie, Ice embarrassment

Aaron Kwok performances suspense thrillers are screened "C + Detective" will be released the Mid-Autumn Festival, the film about a private detective Aaron Kwok played by men occasional mental disorders, tracing a suspected murder, mystery involved in the secret levels. Ice in the film to an image of the first-flight equipment and aircraft-shirt wearing, "mediator taste" full force to investigators. Valley cooperated in the film playing one of the suspects, described a scene Ice tracking her, was trapped in her house, he started to extract confessions large.

Small Valley Ice assured that do not mind

Ice and small-lap shoot this movie is also tense, because the director PENG Shun - shirt to wear thin up a small valley, who buried tendency Ice, directors were required to keep close. Accustomed to see the scene of several Ice NG, are increasingly embarrassed, coupled with the indoor heat, ended profuse perspiration. Ice afterwards I said laughingly: "I always feel that there is a small valley character and sexy woman, and her first time to shoot this affectionate drama, I am somewhat unnatural. Fortunately, I called small-more relaxed, and said she does not mind, I boldly told her chest to chest the words. "Although only small valley in drama some two, but still a day-to Bangkok, Peng's brother because she likes to show that they are creative and Bears, the Ice with a rare opponent drama, she was even more excited.

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