Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chow Yun-fat to any juvenile emerged Hong Kong films

Banner: Maturity of Columbia want to invite back films

Johnny Chow Yun-fat and friendship greatly, enter the Dutch market in the main Chow Yun-fat, separated by 12 years, another shooting Hong Kong movies, one of the Columbia Public sure that fans quite happy. The Colombian cooperation with the Old Johnny filming a new movie, a reporter for the proposed back-to star in her clothes, hair and Colombia also think that is good proposal.

Johnny helm of the pro -

Chow Yun-fat yesterday at the Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui, "the 32nd session of the Hong Kong International Film Festival - the third wave of fresh short race" news, as Hong Kong Arts Development Council Film and Media Arts Group Chairman Johnny also present, the Colombian noted that the title Aldouri, do not forget old friends tease the officer. Colombia also not denying the fresh wave of the production to go to support the Hong Kong film industry, but unfortunately he's too bad, as Wang Jing said losing his skills. However, the Colombian announced yesterday, will be shooting the action film Johnny Hong Kong films, but has not yet received the script, we do not know either play. He said with a smile, like Jet Li, as he could have, again referring to film than called "A and the Aldouri."

Dec. calm mood

Any Hong Kong films of the Columbia will participate in the production of the script. He said: "dare not! I deserve? "He said Mrs Chow approval to the script can be, he is now kept in the dark, only know that we must strive to exercise good health. Asked whether he will re-West film career. Referring to the Colombian on the "Great things first" No instructions, only know that every day now "run." (Run Run Shaw),Run Run Chow!. The Columbia laugh: "She told me to learn Liu Shu (English Run Run Shaw), I Chow Run Run!" Before Chuan will return Dec. movies, listen to the Colombian said no other party mentioned that he feels is a good thing, can play for the proposal, but in fact she could not do. Columbia refers to the juvenile heart-serving than before, to be completed Dec. Chuan Zhu tripod deceased husband's will build in Bali resorts, the Colombian said no questioning, juvenile has not mentioned, but really if opened, he will to live.

Very admire Ang Lee

Ang Lee talked about the "color ring" at the Venice Film Festival wins awards, the Columbia are good admire Ang Lee, Zhang Ailing's novels because not everyone would understand that he had also starred Zhang Ailing adapted from the novel "Qing Cheng Zhi Lian." He feels that the role of Zhang Ailing's novels are good elegant, speak for the amendment. He did not deny shooting was "dumping" of films, photographed, "the king." Talk about "Exodus" the language of dialogue censor not relax as three, of Columbia itself very much like Evans, he felt that if all three films into two semi-relaxed, just like the'80s, like shooting films on the big sell "blame" and I must beware and clear, otherwise fear there will be eligible to happen.

In addition, Johnny said this further cooperation with the Colombian, in fact, the other years. Film in Hong Kong and Macau viewfinder. He will be asked to find juvenile performances. Aldouri said that at present only a set of Columbia. As for the Colombian who is the high price. Aldouri all know that the Columbia film production budget.

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