Friday, September 21, 2007

Jiang's eight-film treatment of entitlements

Banner: Jiang Wen (right) and his wife Zhou Yun made a special trip to Hong Kong to film advertising

Jiang and his wife Zhou Yun publicity for the new movie "The Sun Also Rises", recently made a special trip to Hong Kong on the 3rd publicity and the local media were receiving visits, the two talk about greater love for Jiang sloppy first crystallization of the feelings of films, although his son was only two months, but treatment has been eight stars, and they know how to play big names.

The combination with Jiang Wen, Zhou Yun admitted at the age of 17 she started out buying the first look at the film, directed by Jiang is the "sunny days", and read as much as twice, but was not aware of Jiang, only know that the film performed by Yu Xia, not depend on Jiang. Asked whether she was right Jiang epigenetic sincerity. Zhou Yun sweet chuckle: "I do not know, I can not tell you! (Whether by Jiang attract talent?) In addition to his talent, his work, the home state also very attractive. "For that she was pregnant and after the film suddenly walk, she reiterated their own fertility of the shooting and did not affect the progress, very professional and her husband, who also fair, then walk only on the funding issue, and after the film company will continue to invest shooting.

Two of the studio star son

They said that only two months for the exercise of her youngest son and his son to sleep in the train tracks, Zhou Yun said that they were considered before making this arrangement, because if people find other kids beat this actor will make her journey, and that was gossip, discuss it with her husband after the decision, The security measures taken during filming, in the indoor studio filming, the presence of another doctor. Jiang said with a smile and the son of the eight stars to enjoy, but also in the movie star. He laughs: "I do not feel sorry if other people find the son shoot more difficult, not to mention his (son) 8 stars enjoyed more than five-star Samsung, filming locations have indoor thermostat, so full of silk flowers, chocolate pad in the tracks, big is good!"

In order to screen the show, staff took two days to prepare, but shooting only spent four minutes. Asked whether it will allow the son of Jiang movies. He thought too, but has a lot of shooting his son, not his intuition like studio, and he grew up or say! As for the casual love child named Jiang, Jiang is homophonic tries to choose, the person being woolly-headed, but Ma and Hu are two lovely animals. Asked if the daughter will take what name. He laughs: "to change again! Girls names not easily tell you! "

Jamu urged to read can be unknown

Turning to his wife, Zhou Yun's performance in the movie, which pulled praising Jiang: "My films nobody's well, shoot," sunny days "by the actor Yu Xia become a secondary actor, I know how actors will play the most important role of a suitable, any person also show actors can become good! "He also praised the acting awards beyond his imagination, great! And Anthony Wong, Chong Chen and Wei Kong, and other actors are also excellent. For viewers that "too much" - could not understand, Jiang asked: "how possible. This is propaganda trick! What will that do not understand, and not only enjoy the enjoyment, as drinking, sex, try to enjoy it several times more fun, if we do not understand to look at three or four . "He makes no bones of a parent do not understand, they have told her to look at a look at.

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