Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ice has the courage to blaze guts nude

Banner: If Lin Jiang to the same idols Ice picture happy.

The movie "Detective C +" last night at the opening ceremony, director Peng's brother plays with actor Aaron Kwok, be, and light snow De-Bin Huang Qi, attended. Other guests were to join hole, Stanley Kwan, runner, and Lin Jiang if. Actor Ice shoot the film that this is a mixed Concise, because film is shooting in Thailand, as hot weather, are rather hard. But also in the field because they can concentrate on films.

A good script and director to

One of the most memorable in a show of how he jumped into the effluent to the river, after the lead to a more sensitive skin, it is necessary to return to see a doctor or have injections. The film will be "color ring" earlier release, Ice show that two can not be compared, never to compare. But as busy a good future, I believe there will not be time to see "color ring." Blaze drama in the nude performances, Ice has the guts to be here. He frankly pointed out that if a good script and the director would have no problem, he is such a good appreciation for the arts blaze sacrifice, but I hope we do not wear colored glasses to see.

If Lynn online dating

Light snow in the stolen marriage, this comeback movie, will shoot later dramas. She said the now three-year-old daughter will be handed over to take care of the servants. If Lin Jiang and the careful dress up the scene last night, because imagine idol Aaron Kwok, she finally successful cooperation with the idols, could not hold aloft the victory sign. Jiang also said if Lynn was recently identified risk her network of friends in the know, male. Before suddenly surrounded her to thank him a happy birthday, she discovered the matter. As far as I know other victims are male and WU Yun-Hong Tian. She felt that the situation was serious, that male artists not fooled.

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