Monday, September 24, 2007

Yao dress is dense but uninhibited fun

Banner: Word (left) argue lumbar Hey Prince Han (right) to eat apples

Directed by Wang Jing new movie "longitudinal 7 7 7 escapement groping" held yesterday in Olympian City campaign, the actor has Word, Zhao Tong, Winnie, Tongailing, Wang Yihan, LIN, and Zu-Lin Shin blue, actress Word plays dress sexy, but it's very dense. However, in Word activities showed open, and the three male actors play the game, not who argue lumbar jump spicy dance, followed by three more through your mouth fed fresh fruit actor. Her mouth to feed them good food Lin Lin persimmon, almost more tin to each other.

Not to shoot from psychological drama

The upcoming premiere of the film, are invited Meng said Beijing Dance Academy to join the democratic, but because of poor health grandfather grandmother, Mummy would stay care, we could not come to Hong Kong. Recently, the director read "color. Quit ", but is afraid her soup would not marry, Meng said that should not affect a loved her man's mind is not. She very much like CD-Tang work on the warm and admire each other's also very professional and are willing to work to make such a sacrifice, as she actors should also learn.

She also asked that willing to sacrifice. She said that depends on the script, but she admitted that not psychologically prepared for their biggest bottom line is wearing swimsuits than Kennedy. Asked whether she is not afraid of marriage too sexy out. She laughs: "there will be many considerations, not afraid of marriage is one of them away." Wang Jing to talk about her mold "stupid" image, Word will not mind, but like her feel that they are simple people.

Zu-blue argue to argue lumbar pain

Zu-Blue and dance when argue lumbar Word, Word by mouth to feed his son to the water, he has to argue waist. He makes no bones to argue several times, have some back pain. Word that fed to reporters - When it has touched each other chest. Progenitor Blue candor failed to have started because of lumbar pain. He plays every sexy actresses are good, every one he had been dragged off. He also asked to delay the 3:30. He said with a smile and more couples in the movie trailers hands. He can be invited to the premiere 3:30. Progenitor Blue said is not yet, because the other good work busy.

Tongailing in wearing swimsuits in the movie scenes, but she refers to the most sexy evening gowns is one of the costume. It is a low V pullovers with bare. he spent a half-hour doing security measures, going out, see people, and not wearing brassieres, vacuum. He is also shooting.

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