Friday, September 21, 2007

Commissioner Chu Yao beat MV girls affectionate with the United States

Banner: Kok Guan Chuyao MV only 17-year-old woman

The album will be launched in November Chu Yao Guan (Kelvin), released earlier for the second "What you when I" MV shooting, which he and the girl are affectionate lens. Kelvin professional performance that they could have discovered unique mirror surface are each other's lipstick.

He joked: "I think fetch good, but face a filthy mess, surrounded by lipstick. Discuss how we won the most Liang, the final results out properly. I MV, and to make a bold and tin, a psychological imbalance oh, Ha Ha. "Conversation between Kelvin actress that only 10 seven-year-old, he would outfit their underage girls to "violations."

MV man to Only about their favorite treat poor woman, it is also the other side itself wholeheartedly, the original Kelvin also has similar experience. He said: "I used to have a girlfriend right I am poor, but I am Exercise she, her wishful thinking properly, and I was sober before the breakup. The songs were recorded, I have put a phase-out of emotion. "

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