Friday, September 21, 2007

Li Yi of the most burning sun activities Award

Photo: Li Yi, winning quick burning

12 "2007 Miss Asia campaign," the Hong Kong and Macao SAR Beauty yesterday Qi Shan to Tai Po than conducting villa swimming pools, wearing optional swimsuit and media interviews. Li Yi burning them on the 7th choice than Kennedy wearing swimsuits, the Wai suddenly become fullness, and even won "most sunlight activities Award." And Zhao Xiao Jing Chen, a squatted down for water, is also very '. As for the 36-inch Wai? LIU Yi Yi, pitting not lose, but unfortunately their hips to spoil our pleasure.

12 Beauty division to the media yesterday to take photographs and then introduce themselves one by one. 12 ladies, many have fullness build. Including Dai, Anne, LIU Yi Jing, both on the 36-inch circumference, but may optional swimsuit models,? Yesterday, the build than other prominent ladies. Contrary , And Chen Xiao Jing Li Yi, burning, Huang Qian, on the Wai-ting yesterday suddenly become bigger.

Not afraid of being suspected forgery

Li Yi is the burning of ballet dancers, she is of good with his right. Yesterday's news that she won the award while wearing swimsuits are optional '. She said: "no, the other ladies are away. I usually do not wear swimsuits - 3:00, feel fear. "Asked her sudden change fullness build, will be afraid of suspected fake. She expressed fear, before dancing ballet find themselves in the chest big and heavy, dance, very inconvenient. She thought shrink chest. She said that ever since listen very frightened said Mummy, Mummy itself is the unit nurses.

Xiao Jing, Chen played first, the shift in the upper swimsuit. She said they did not know, when we played checked. Like reporters that she is of good, she laughs: "Before you not only pay attention to me! I have always been good with his build. "

LIU Yi Jing _ annoying

Anne accused of wearing swimsuits dense losers lost, she said, or consider the use of the next three-point style, together with the potential for tension, has recently lost a lot. LIU Yi Jing, the obvious blemishes, she said he also knows what shortcomings, she will slowly lose weight with dietitians, not going too fast. Reporters found her navel there is a scar, she explained before wearing navel ring is left, because the cell hyperplasia left scars she regretted good. Long - Jing Huang, also wearing a navel ring, but she said she had not wearing two years, was because the students together with Britain to wear.

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