Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A concert regardless Sam Oath

"Among the Hong Kong Stadium Live Concert" will leave on December 16 held at the Stadium yesterday false (A Sam) is the favorite at the stadium pretty dress at the press conference, in addition to two sons, 30 fans were pretty dress up to attend his idol encouragement. Past practice in the stadium show, the most concern is the noise, nearby residents have been repeatedly complaints decibels too much, it has spent 9.8 million yuan General Assembly special additional audio equipment, and spent more than 400,000 yuan field testing volume decibels, have passed the tests to ensure there was no breach.

Testing audio no problem

At a press conference, A Sam sing new songs, "how good life" and the chorus fans "when parting in love" after coming to power fans to the idols gifts, including the powers of peace gestures, flowers, wreaths and cards, A Kiss to thank Sam fans. A Sam has said test the sound in the stadium, he was satisfied, said with a smile-called high as a show-and-wait fans feel asleep. After registration, and high-A Sam-go stand to the media camera, and spot broadcast music for everyone to experience the atmosphere.

The concert will take place in the afternoon, three hours of music at the A Sam will perform up to 50 to 60 songs, referring to Sam A tin, it is difficult to each audience, he said that this concert to sing for the first, and that many bodies, and asked whether he will field. He admitted If the response is good, the market may also increase.

After 1978, A Sam has been 29 years without a show in the stadium, he asked the Athletic Stadium stage performances, the feeling. A fresh Sam said he was initially worried about his sound, before special test tones, hope this successful performances, then the future can be more than a showmanship local choice. A Sam guarantee more rain this concert, held as usual.

Deny that the risk of depression

He talked about recent reports suffering from depression, Michael Hui daughter's wedding, but also could not see him present, A Sam clarified that there is absolutely no such thing, HK banquets, he is not going to the funeral. A Sam opened last concert will be fewer complaints publicity, he said with a smile this will be more publicity out, like today officially open the concert ticket, he also intends to inspect the situation outlets. As for his music, whether to pretty dress mainly. A Sam has said several apparel, exercise and surprises. Organizers for the high-Sen said that the song A Sam paid up to seven figures, the fare is divided into 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan and 400 yuan and 800 yuan of VIP, the most expensive price of the tickets will be distributed to limited boxset, including concerts produced documentary DVD, there A collection of Sam Zhao, fans to the occasion.

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