Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sleeves love freedom will never believe in marriage

The latest sleeves accept a "dynamic clothing WFD international" magazine, mentioned that her career 19 years, we have been very concerned about their feelings, although kept his lease by love, but in fact she totally did not believe in marriage, do not want to give up freedom, so she had earlier-and Xu Jin Peng in foreign registered marriage, it should only hearsay.

Since he was elected Meyer after winning golf has developed feelings paragraphs, each a focus of the media interview, her sense of hard work, "sometimes plan ahead to a good place to eat, but encountered paparazzi tracking, the itinerary was messing up all of a sudden fall through, right, I will create pressure . I hope that in normal circumstances the development of feelings of the public wants hard together dating is a good, good pain, the other side may not be used to flash chased. "Dietrich think some simple love, she did not want to test people who do not want to test, but the test was experienced, she felt, if painful, McGREGOR in the distance there, which will include a box each other. "Love needs time to prove that I do not love the fool, I would like to pick a person Hui-Gen. If no difficulty locating love, love can be found easily, it should not be. "

They live with the very important good

Recent rumors have golf in the field of marriage registration, but admitted she did not believe in marriage, and do not want to give up freedom. "Even if you encounter a truly intimate partner so what? Couples will always die, sooner than you might death. Life is the best know how to get along with their own, do not have to rely on others. If the best partner really happen, and that is an additional bonus, but it is good to lose to, I do not world Zhixinren this letter, I thought that with how well they get along is very important. he wants to get along well, which is now owned by its own right, such as health, family and feeling comfortable. "golf is very satisfied with the current of life can select their favorite life, sometimes inter enjoy life. If God gave her one wish, she would like to remain at this stage, and the longer the better. (Clothing provided: Just Cavalli)

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