Monday, September 03, 2007

Dawn rushed to the onset nostalgia concert

"A Johnnie Walker Show Music Concert" by the dawn (Leon) with the company with his class artists Miriam Yeung, Lan Wei, Shi Wei, Charles Ying performances together recently in the busy filming "Jiangshan Beauty" and "Mei Lanfang" Leon tarmac after the performance, even visits also do not leave the next day and immediately returned to Beijing to continue filming. Hair tied a nostalgia Leon explained that it was the film modeling, MC asked him at the scene in the film won women? Leon said: "As the performing arts, the most important efforts to complete performance. (What do women feel?) Efforts are now learning. But some things are not piling up, as shown in the movie, for the role and worked hard for two months, everything from scratch, no change there. " Masters asked Leon laugh that hard or do men do women hard, Leon witticisms Lianzhu: "men and hard men, women and women hard, in short, will live happily enough."

1000 marked a sister Hua winning position

Your company, "a sister" Hua 1000 after singing three songs, they hastily rush into TV City to accept the award, her song, "" screened with outstanding election. She refers to a successful company with a low and the Sammi Awards and won the award, the company that sit tight, "a sister" throne, 1000 Hua said he heard from them in a different company and then she felt "" This song reaction Yes, never before has not selected, the most grateful to a group of colleagues to help her publicity this is the first time she joined the East Asian election will be held, she think it is encouraging to all of the company, he finally won glory for the company. She also said not to deliberately singer qualifying with a maturity of the market, each company will be the boss of diversified investment in different personality on artists.

Concerts will be held in October in the 1000 Miss Miriam Yeung, reported that she bought in the supermarket mad starch food, diet change fertility, 1000 Hua no reports agitated, she now refers to its menu as single people with diabetes is mainly white chicken. The reason why so many bought food in the home because there are still family, she did not ask you to like her to pay these desalination and tasteless food.

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