Monday, September 03, 2007

Tense mood at the Venice awards

Jiang self-directed and performed the new film "The Sun Also Rises" screened at the Venice Film Festival today, it is logical actor awards for the winner, rode on a 15-hour plane, he's finally arrived in Venice, with 10 accompanying baggage, he explained the Film Festival, will directly fly to Canada the Toronto International Film Festival.

Visit purely for experience and

The more than 10-hour plane ride, the progenitor of that on the plane, slept a whole, not too tired, also watched two films pass time, because feelings too excited, really looking forward to this film, he is always the first time, to set foot on the red carpet. But after sitting down for water taxi to the hotel occupancy, there is not quite accustomed At first he felt faint waves, he quickly adapt Fortunately, there are local scenic Leisure appreciate, and said: "Here, good weather, temperatures about 14 to 15 degrees, just being good." However, when asked for the winning feeling of respect he has been very happy selected, the pressure must have opponents, all experienced senior, so he simply for experience and visit with the feelings come.

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