Monday, September 10, 2007

Donated cakes Aunt Pearl Fans most Hao-Shuang

Chi Lin Nunnery second day yesterday at the Times Square in Causeway Bay Donated cakes, many of the artists are called to do good things together. The artists "fans Princess" - chu, fans, Mr Alex Fong, William So, Ye Cuicui, supermodel Yao Shu Yi and her boyfriend, Sunny and wear.

One appeared to call Aunt Pearl, the most enthusiastic response. The scene had 100 fans, and the scramble to buy cakes from the signature. These fans also indicated how many cakes, she bought all. Aunt Pearl see such a good-hearted fans are very happy, so we support the charity, so she will be delivered to all who have just left. Days before the sale will accompany her to cakes, but this year because of the work days in the body, could not accompany her, but later insertion of the Mid-Autumn Festival together fresh, many fans yesterday brought lanterns and gift baskets to Aunt Pearl. Aunt Pearl drama performances last year "favored" and has been resting since her scenes in unemployment. She also admitted to his plays, but did not play her performances, she's my hope comedy; But she will not consider the filming.

Ye Cuicui when facelift is a topic

This is the first time fans in the Chi Lin Nunnery Donated cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, and her fans will Qi cakes sent to centers for the elderly. Rather than referring to the recent fans, and fans will have time to do good things - that help people in need.

Meanwhile, Wang Xian Zhi visit to the press, has introduced a wireless explosion cosmetic doctors gave him and advised him facelift. Chuan and has been the entire capacity of Cuicui She said the company has not made facelift to the demands and have not heard the whole End to capacity before they can sign. She had no choice but to respond to that before too many times, she will not unhappy, nor called, but others received her mind whether photos of Liang. She also find themselves which parts to the whole. Cuicui referring to his legs wider, will frequently do slimming treatment; But around her friends often laughed alleged facelift, her own only when a topic is because of these reports that would hurt her or other people.

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