Monday, September 10, 2007

Manager photographic exhibition is not open as private

Apart from the film festival rally who directed the movie "Exodus", he loves photography during the shooting, also took many photographs, this series of photographs of the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay to the exhibition. Yesterday's rally, festival, and Zhuo Liu Yun-Zhi You will have all present at the conference. The General Assembly also placed two in the platform avoid, and the heart suddenly Zhuo Yun-chi sitting on the toilet, talks about shooting feelings. Because many people onlookers at the scene, two public sitting on the toilet, a somewhat embarrassing performance. Also at the rally that within two years will be held in Hong Kong personal photography exhibition.

Wang has properties in the Mainland

After that, Columbia has photographed 10 years, the family has collected 10,000 photographs, the exhibition wants to share with you. But he will not privacy photo exhibition, daughter of the photographs there will be, most of his work took, or travel pictures. As for my wife's photo, it may have one or two. They will be launched with a photographic book, or do charitable fund-raising.

Just returning from Changsha to attend a sale, Columbia, presented an over 2,000-foot unit. He admitted not resell, will retain own homes. He refers to his dream is to own property in the mainland, in which five, six provinces and municipalities have property. Lee referred to the international reputation, with "color, sapped" won the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion Award. China and Colombia are very happy, they bring honor for the Chinese people, he feels that Ang Lee know how to shoot the film, he also beat the love of drama, so he will not shoot like comedy or technology unit. He also said that Lee will understand Western culture and traditional Chinese culture and in the film, he said: "I Ang Lee fans, but also Johnny fans."

You stomach heart afraid to see a doctor

In addition, heart attack stomach did yesterday, asked whether she too nervous. She believed that no relations, and also did not feel that their health problems. As she has done in peacetime campaign year will be returned to Taiwan physical examination; But doctors said her stomach thinner. Heart You do not have to feel some stomach to see a doctor, with her aversion injections.

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