Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy new movie box office who had good news.

Xue Li Miao directed by the film "Article 19 of hell" exhibition day, the Mainland and Hong Kong's box office received a total of 10 million yesterday - class performers to attend the celebration party at the bar, attended a Black actor, bathing children, Tan Jun Yan, Li Xian color, and Xu Zheng Xi, Limanjun. Who knows good movie box office performance, very happy. Partners Get Show has been the nation, who want the best actress award. She has not thought of that before the nomination had been agreed, has good fun, with this year's film awards presentation ceremony held end.

Referring to the recent Playboy (Yumiko) companies out in the cold to practice their birthday, and even an artist King also did not attend. Who said the company would ask the artists who will act as her birthday earlier, the company had asked her, but said she did not want this, the eve of the birthday act, we call for help from colleagues. And who the record companies around the officer that day, to Yumiko birthday, and the company sent her mysterious cake. Who believe that the report is written to the press too much.

Infants Beach woman has made the best prize

Beach movies first child get a good grade, very happy. Before Em took the Golden Bauhinia Best Actress Award, Miss Yu executives recently when asked her, bathing infants will claim: "I have the best woman in the award." Her original in this film to play corpses. She said the future to go comedy, not mind playing ugly movie. She asked not affect the state's image singer. Beaches have said a little worried, but we hope the audience can be. "Manga Maggie" Limanjun said yesterday that was recently paparazzi tracking, more reporters on her before shooting live, and she is now home to the Commissioner curtains, but fortunately no family complaints, but that the magazine reported good happy.

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