Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eason Chan breast tickets were expensive speculation

Banner: Eason Chan heard of tickets being scalped to more than 2,000 yuan surprise

Eason Chan (Eason) will be wearing at the end of next month fake concert, 12 tickets have been sold out. As Eason and 1000 Hua held similar concert date, Eason has recently been openly selling concert tickets, two tickets for 480 yuan at 2,400 yuan cable also attached two free concerts 1,000 Hua Mei market tickets. Eason fashion last night attended a party on speculation he criminals expensive concert tickets, urged fans not to buy "Cattle fly", which is illegal. To meet the fans, the manager described his efforts to open with a concert, but all pending stadium.

REQUEST at 2,400 yuan

For criminals to sell his high-priced concert tickets, and sent to the 1000 Miss Miriam Yeung concert tickets, Eason greatly surprised to hear, he said: "The two concerts will be linked when? This trend bad, some people may want to do more business with two similar concert dates, is the other side attempts to crossover? ? "Eason urged fans not to link criminals, and there are a lot of complaints from the concert to buy votes, and even some doubt whether the tickets were organizers hold live, Eason relevant provisions clarify that the organizer will not breach, he thanked the audience, concert will be very happy such a good response.

To meet the fans, Eason said is now open for a further asked whether he will add the field. Eason said: "doing things too hard on the field, people are hard to see, can best outdoor performances, but few outdoor venues in Hong Kong for us to do the show." Eason again stressed that the tickets being scalped to more than 2,000 yuan, it is an offense not to.

For a further opening

As Eason opened the concert only three of Taiwan, each only 8,000 spectators, Eason not deny admission fewer viewers purpose is to give us a fresh, this is the stage of Theater Design. Then the audience is less shook hands with the singer. Eason said that in the past done little handshake concert, in concert many times, and only once shook hands with the audience, he said with a smile always on the MTR Causeway Bay, we can shake hands with him in the subway.

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