Friday, September 21, 2007

Elizabeth refused to eight million wireless betrayal

Banner: 3:30 feelings reject switch

(Ada), Dawei, Li Qi and Eddie Secretary, yesterday in a hotel in Dongguan for wireless drama "Jewelery" banquet scene of a shooting, who was also participating Orlando, but because she wanted to stay with his brother, and for that reason could not appeared. The show originally scheduled in October and tail were, we now until the end of December were before.


Recent ATV-eight million discretion to join in Ada, Ada's confirmation, she said with a smile attract 8 million is good, if she is badly in need of money will certainly consider, but she and Wireless has 10 years of feelings, plus she is a heavy feelings of the people, not use money to measure, she laughs: "when will the money can be earned, but with wireless it is not easy for the friendship, but if the company (wireless) told me dumping contracts can give more than this price, I would be more happy 1,10! (ATV has contacted you?) do not know, because it by the manager to the dumping, dumping 8 to , 90% will be asked my opinion, but no manager asked me, but I also understand that a manager is the feelings of people. (Wireless then you can have with the dumping?) I have been everywhere, no dumping what, but I told the company under the contract. "Ada is the most important work that good relations , and we get along well with the exchange.


Tan and Old Clayton recently gave birth to a daughter, Ada said that the first time the other side has informed her and BB woman born in the 17th, with the Ada exactly the same day birthday, but fair to begged not to Ada with her daughter on subleases of Ada respectively before a lease and a lease Aberdeen woman but they pay no attention to them, so would prefer not on the lease and Ada. Ada smiled: "I know their own, she can rest assured that I will not be with her daughter on the DMC, I know he is a dereliction of duty DMC mother, usually no time to accompany DMC Aberdeen DMC women, but they will send birthday gift. (What gift to send greeting old friends?) She asked Furthermore, to avoid buying irregularities use. "For friends who have married and Aberdeen, Ada admitted also thinking of doing Mummy thought, but look at opportunities and fate, in short, marriage will inform you.

In addition, the eldest child Dawei will be in November and the end of married William Fung, a coincidence that he married the day before to shoot a female drama, is the opportunity to feel the feelings of the father, he said really good happy. Now his daughter have had four months pregnant, because he was also Feng married woman, it does not mind her son Feng married, and William is a good tan, so he has no money with him dumping.

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