Thursday, September 27, 2007

The family offered the boy with the Mid-Autumn Festival

Banner: Tsai, Eason Chan, for the film to Orlando

Produced by Andy Lau and starring as the film "Brothers", held yesterday in Tuen Mun market MV premiere ceremony, the theme song from the film Eason Chan (Eason) composer, Andy Lau lyrics. Yesterday's premiere ceremony of the two-chair, who exercises the film "ignore" Orlando was present. Today marks the birthday boy is, the presence of hundreds Fans on the spot to sing the birthday song for the boy.

Eason Chan Wah and MV held yesterday for the first mini-ceremony, but because of sound problems, the presence of the audience never heard songs. The boy had to live with Eason screen chorus, as they sing karaoke in the same. This is not the first time the duo, their many years ago, has written a scathing "True said."

Eason Chan flu magic

After the boy, Eason was in power, and ignore the feelings of shooting, MC asked them not filming and when, Tsai said with a smile there is "thankful" to strive brother role. "Thankful" cut immediately said: "I do Andy Lau of it if my brother, I do meticulous mediator." Eason also said that the child can often "ignore" and the boy's drama will have an opportunity cooperation films, I feel good magic.

Last night was the Mid-Autumn Festival, the three spent. How Eason said that together with their families to eat, eat moon cakes. "Ge" said night with their families to celebrate, but waited for a late seeing the moon. After the "ignore" Tsai also asked how to spend with their families. Tsai immediately faced embarrassment, said: "I do not justified up." Tsai said he is filial piety Aberdeen, as do heart Mummy inspection, the day before the outset to pick Mummy discharged evening meal together.

Yesterday three more fans and more than playing games, many with the boy Fans scramble idol picture Eason tried to imitate Fans also hurt in the boy through photographs very Mattel. During the fans pay a note to the boy, "thankful" to the latter a laugh: "write her address, she called on you tonight live." Boy immediate counterattack to regain note: "She called me not to burst out of your wife." Scenes of animation. The Assembly yesterday sent a big cake to the boy, his birthday celebration, the dangers of "ge" in Tu boy face cream. The Assembly also arranged a dance pearl-and three - to-point link and red eyes.

Afterward, asked how the boy spent last night birthday. He said that he would live through the night-fans will be celebrating his birthday with the Internet. As for birthday wishes, the young beauty and health. Mrs. Liu mention of the admission, the boy said he did not return, Mummy had dizziness, the hospital heart, no matter will be discharged to return home. He said prior to worry about, Mummy old age, blood pressure and cholesterol are high, so last night the whole family eating holiday.

Family refused commentary Xueyou

Also mentioned yesterday reported that Jacky Cheung 2003 for 21 Filipino domestic helpers, and was temporarily ban the Philippines consulate to please his new Filipino maids, and are not allowed to employ Filipino maids renewal. Tsai said not to Filipino domestic helpers, family is printed commission is to the father before. He did not know the actual situation Xueyou, inconvenient stresses. Asked whether he requested servants more carefully. Boy that marks each different request, is a matter of opinion, some people would often for workers, but only to a certain life, two, we must fate.

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