Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eason Chan, Fuzhou, a surprise concert

Banner: Eason Chan and a group of colleagues in Fuzhou campus

Eason Chan (Eason) in the Mainland campus concert recently came to the last leg of Fuzhou, Eason and music team this line is very treasure, as we all feel in a lot of concerts held at the campus moving, the students are very direct response and performance.

Concert dates, Eason arranged by the General Assembly of long-distance calls a surprise to him, and when he is in Britain to call good schoolmates. Eason one heard each other's voices will be very pleasantly surprised, because the last meeting of marriage is the other side, the other side now have a four-year-old son. Most called him apart from touching each other's voices, but also send each other a special gift, a jacket in school. Eason students are thinking, because in the past the school has no Eason jacket wear a size, he set a special school jacket with the same cloth, the size of the present Eason has a custom-made jacket school, and school chapter and school tie together into, he's been pleasantly surprised.

Female Fans Burn of assistance

In addition, Eason also attended by a local television program, with a woman Fans, Fans of the original seven years ago in the home fires burn her judgment. Then, Eason Chan Fuzhou fans will help her, her four done for cosmetic surgery hospital, but she has recovered, Eason comfort. Fans can be felt in Fuzhou voluntarily assist each other, he hoped that other areas will also be able to follow their fans.

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