Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hui-Min Zhou Longku Leo sorry

Photo: Hui-Min Zhou (left) gave concerts in the meeting, gave a Longku

Leo concert, "The Magic Moment 2007" held last night in the Historic Third Field, which is also its late friend Hui-Min Zhou (Vivian) as guests.

Apart from the choir gave Vivian, Vivian gave more in power with the remarks said, the man left gave tears. Vivian said: "God gave you a voice that sounded good, whether you before is the strange matrix ', or the false tone Prince now, how good are there will be a lot of people hold you." Vivian is not specifically to Longku gave only convince him not so high on himself. Vivian gave this remark after listening, touching down in tears. Afterward, gave in Taiwan after changing clothes, Vivian told him that I am sorry.

In addition, the platform gave shook hands with the fans, a public idol fans excited to see the whole person gave the go Rafah, Rafah to power by the security personnel, fans before Kensong hand.

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