Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hao Chen and cable firms Sao though women

Banner: Chen Hao model of tin, typically good Zan

Yesterday's Mid-Autumn Festival, Chen Hao (Moses) not only as an opportunity to make money modeling and "Valley chest" model invite him to eat "- pie", although he seems embarrassed, but also praised Spurs, while Mattel is also very envious!

A shy personality

Moses asked afterwards whether to eat the "wave cake". He is a heated embarrassed chuckle: "No, I have though, I was innocent. (Does fear LIAO child stealing?) No, I just compare shy personality, in a manner (for a model to?) Of course! A certain model. "The last Moses and model 10 closely played, he said initially did not intend to hand tractors, but politely let each other go first, the poems she pulled his initiative. Moses asked to foreigners dating acceptable. He said that love without boundaries, as long as the so-called love, (irrespective of whether that is love borders?) "This can not be said." As LIAO infants become the most profitable wireless female artist and asked him to show whether thick to earn more than she. He said No, and said it had read, she was also praise Lak woman! He could care less money than people around him. He said: "Of course not mind! I will not betray you! "

Luo treat Award

He said the recent frequent exposure, whether for the end of the Dili Award as canvassing. He said: "No, just a series launched so the extra publicity (wireless launch your drama that is popular Valley help you up?) Of course not, but it happens to launch the series, (as can be confident wins Dili?) Sense of balance, I have never questioned his ability to perform, but awards speak Singapore, confidence does not mean that the winners can. "As for last night will be to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. He said that he will work together with Orlando, which could be completed on recovery. He laughs yes "after tours of" immediate outcry reporters booing, he hurried to explain: "After the take." He could have asked about Pitt child. He stresses that his family, with his brother will take time, there is no about anyone.

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