Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eason Chan was not distracted 30 million yuan

Eason Chan (Eason), Eric Tsang and George starring Hong Kong movies "wild-dog" invited to participate in a number of film festivals, even the earlier marine Japan Asian Film Festival Award, actor Eason, Eric Tsang, director Melvin Zhang Guoqiang, last night and appeared in a restaurant in Mong Kok will attend the party. Recently, a report said Lin Jian Yue high price to 30 million Eason invited to vote "in East Asia," said Eason and knowledge, he quipped that heard the price accelerated heartbeat, he described the manager admitted having had contact with each other, but now must concentrate on doing a good job in October concert, may later in other areas there are opportunities for cooperation.

Melvin directed by the new director of the film "Wild-Dog" earlier become the Hong Kong International Film Festival opening film, the film and arranged for the release on November 15 in Hong Kong. The film by Japanese marine Asian Film Festival Award, and will bring in German International Film Festival and the Stockholm International Film Festival, but Eason said that in order to be able to attend around the breast festival. But he said: "two festivals were held in October and November, then I will be busy concert, even if there is only time to attend the premiere in Hong Kong."

My opponent plays with Zhiwei pleased

Eason said he and the director very congenially, two similar age and experience, he said with a smile we all have good young people. He can do with the opponent plays Zhiwei am pleased, he said: "Zhiwei winning too many years ago, a few years ago wearing shoot" Banqiyan "when he can play with Zhiwei opponent I have good envy, this finally have the opportunity, and his two opponents play a shot straight sets completed."

Lin Yue to the 30 million invited him over "East Asia" rumors, Eason said: "I really do not know! Ask Katie (middle), her decisions were good for me! "On many occasions that he has a stall" in East Asia "rumors, Eason stressed that the current focus on preparations for the concert are other things will not justified. He said: "Peter (Lin Yue) is a good boss, but I have not heard rumors, I now fear the hearts of breast tickets reaction is good, then not be afraid to viewers Leave now Renowned efforts, I am worried that the breast than other things." Reporters asked him whether echocardiography moment, he joked : "Link 30 million more money, my heart is suddenly accelerated, but there is no cheap lunch, to pay, I wonder if he has this ability." Eason and middle managers admitted and "East Asian" contact Mr. Lin good care Eason, but stressed that in addition to music, many other things may cooperation, the future still have many opportunities for cooperation.

Wang Zhiwei Melvin agreed Awards

In addition, Eric Tsang said, "Wild" film awards has been reserved for qualified candidates, because it has not released the winners in the field, he can expect W awards for best new director. Zhiwei laugh: "I directed both the film and confidence, but Director Award this year, strong competitors, he is Jay, I think this was the best drama actor, supporting actor, supporting actress also have the opportunity, A Lam, Shao Phonetic have done a good job." Zhiwei said Taiwan bought a the story of a young copyright, will be on the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan shot three places. He said: "All three opera performances to find new actors, young directors, three will play three different styles."

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