Saturday, September 29, 2007

He married actress said bridal design

Boys and Peng Jia Korea yesterday, Mr William Tang and Tsim Sha Tsui until Matty attended a fashion show, the late actress to the media and spent nearly an hour She explained: "Although I was the last one arrived, but I was a good preparation for the fastest person."

Dia said he attended fashion design school, she recalled: "I attended the interview Meyer has done his shirt, in the Miss Universe is fighting clothing of their own design, so I think the future of marriage also responsible for their own wedding." The reporter asked when she intended to marry actress replied: "No there are so fast! (You will design what type wedding?) then follow the trend. (08 trend?) hope! "

Mentioned last night, "Manchester Leisure Fair" anniversary show, broadcast several previous fragment Beauty pageant, the evening was actress threatened her praise beautiful now than before. On Fan Yi Min Qi Dai-dai and signed by the "Home" and be wireless except in "Grace" performances, Julie said very clearly, she said: "I do not know this, but they both have power, and the chorus song together. (ATV has invited to join?) I have mentioned to the , but I have a manager, there is no sign to television, but the script will consider career. "

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