Sunday, September 02, 2007

Eason flutter fans head turmoil

Banner: Eason with mallet Aberdeen fans servant first, I really Bears

Eason Chan (Eason) on August 31 in Shenzhen firmer, with a public meeting fans and the games, fans even wore Fans ClubT-shirts, venue layout also effort is needed, many with the balloon with Eason, Fans are also enthusiastic performance from time to time shouted: "I love you Eason ! . "

Aberdeen inflatable mallet

Most fans called Eason is happy with them in the play on stage, fans were more willing to use inflatable mallet Eason Aberdeen head-bashing. Because these estimates ketzai links "challenge the king of K Song", many of which might die Fans sang seems like idols Eason be appreciated, but sing right or wrong guessing wrong Fans would accept the penalties, which were Eason love inflatable mallet Aberdeen head-bashing, expect to see an expression of Eason, who hide in the fans after waiting mallet playing, but he lived Fans tin, but some of the light, Fans are also playing the turmoil.

Firmer After the album is selling immediately, a large number of fans immediately move, a sea of people at the scene, Eason also considerate to ask Fans were anxious to safety. Fans warm to see the performance of Eason greatly moved.

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