Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jacky Tsai dismissed Mengjiahui

Photo: Jacky Mengjiahui and Aberdeen were deliberately arranged to feed each other cakes

"Dad passed closure" has been broadcast television ideals. Yesterday a group of actors to join the campaign, announced last week at an average viewership of 33 points, the highest rating of 37 points. The actor yesterday attended a Westminster (Bobby), Mengjiahui (Yoyo), Yang Yi, Wang and one small Child, which includes the period before being summoned to dress Yoyo sale of Jacky Tsai.

Yoyo yesterday with the first public meet Jacky Tsai, Jacky Yoyo She did not take the initiative to play, Jacky Bobby playing with epilepsy, he did not greet with Yoyo. Until a public actor playing games, and the producers deliberately arranged Yoyo Jacky Tsai feeding each other cakes, but the duo performance somewhat natural.

Afterward, asked whether Yoyo see Jacky Tsai embarrassment. She said all seen before, but certainly in the media before the Sake of Avoidence point, because I did not want the media to write so much. She said before the Mummy Jacky Tsai has been the response, she said that before the other side did not mean it. It would go to pursue the matter, will only make them unhappy. In fact, she did not see the magazine, simply do not know what happened. Yoyo said, if the matter is before the work involved, she would not respond, as she will not respond to the same affair. She said: "I respect the work of journalists is to write bribe, but my job is not to respond to, but do actors."

Mengjiahui not thought of the Aberdeen

Recently it has been reported that she is not because of Aberdeen, we can not win the rollover parents. Yoyo said likes playing with the children, but to take care of her, is not capacity. Temporarily she will be in the first and never thought the Aberdeen problem. Yesterday Yoyo and Bobby meet again tease each other, laugh Yoyo has burned Bobby, Bobby immediately said: "Of course! You used to see six Abdominal. "After Bobby also mentioned Yoyo camera sneaked away to be careful, so to expose" w "word.

In addition, on August 30 is the birthday of Yang Yi, she said that the evening meal at home with their families to celebrate. But the two women received a gift of sexy lingerie, which is a little cloth. She said with a smile that will be tried once to see two friends. Her boyfriend had received a gift. She laughs a lot of their male friends, but has not received special gifts, which only a saying of wine to her. Asked about the rumors of fat boyfriend. She laughs: "that is, that what we do not really play."

Yang Yi to sexy underwear

Yang Yi recently elected for the most netizens have a favorable impression of her, she was very happy with candor, in addition to entertaining audiences, but also more online supporters. Hu church for most users to become offensive star, Yang Yi said that the future goal is to do evil Kok, if not traitors to the offensive mind, but in the best offensive to like her.

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