Sunday, September 02, 2007

Environmental songs to a song cycle of service

Banner: songs shirt is a sexy song

Joey Yung, SunBoy'z and Hong Zhuo Li, last night for the "provocative music space" program video. Recently, a bra-top shape appearance of sexy songs, the evening again with a tight bra-top image to be with dance performances, a full-blooded.

Will not be a sheep placenta

Songs on that fight song is wearing clothes, mainly with the recent publicity debut, as the program broadcast in the mainland, I believe the audience not seen, nor a so-called again. And last night, "with outstanding election" program, is in line with the theme of environmental protection program, she will be serving in this fight song. Other recent reports have the injection of sheep placenta, miserable vegetative change, his songs have always said love with the natural skin care products, minimize the use of chemical constituents of beauty goods.

Song lost narrowly

Last night at the wireless "with outstanding election" results, unlike frontman "sense of humor" not winning, people have doubts. "Humor" to Taiwan in a list of all the top position, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and wireless "with" Bang also occupies the second place, do not understand why outstanding election offering eggs.

Fans manager said, the company is expected to this song, it will fully Valley this song, she feels this is a Song of the Month, really do not understand why is to recognize outstanding election, people know what justice is, and ask all of you wireless, do not ask her well.

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